Alexander Vereshagin – Music Director & Conductor

History of the Russian Chamber Orchestra

Alexander Vereshagin, Director and Conductor
Alexander Vereshagin

The Russian Chamber Orchestra was founded in 1992 by its Music Director and Conductor, Alexander Vereshagin. Mr. Vereshagin was educated in the Glinka Capella and continued his studies at the Leningrad National Conservatory before joinging their prestigious faculty in 1972. He brings to the United States a vast conducting experience from the Music Theater of St. Petersburg Conservatory, the Philharmonic of St. Petersburg, the St. Petersburg Capella, the Chamber Orchestra "Mozarteum," the Chamber Orchestra of the Kirov Opera and as founding conductor of the Smolniy Cathedral Concert Series.

The professional experience of the members of the Russian Chamber Orchestra includes performing with such world-renowned orchestras as the USSR State Symphony, Moscow Philharmonic State Symphony, Kiev Virtuoso Symphony, Georgian State Chamber Orchestra, Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, Sweden, Teatro del Opera, Rome, Italy, and the Symphony Orchestra of Gran Canaria, Spain. For many, their studies started in childhood, continued through graduation from the great conservatories in St. Petersburg, Moscow and other major cities, then on to successful careers performing, recording and touring throughout Europe, Japan, and North and South America. Alexander Vereshagin's musical talent and strong leadership have enabled him to bring together these uniquely gifted musicians to create an orchestra which has been enthusiastically received by audiences and critics alike. They have performed at the Russian Center, the Robert Mondavi Festival, various concert series in San Francisco, San Jose and Carmel, the Bach Society First International Classical Music Fest, the International Music Festival in Yachats, Oregon, and a concert tour in Florida. Current plans are to continue a series of recitals in Marin County, featuring soloists and small ensembles as well as the full orchestra.

In addition to traditional repertoire, the Russian Chamber Orchestra offers masterpieces of Russian composers, such as the Serenade for Strings by Tchaikovsky, the Variation on a Theme of Tchaikovsky by Arensky, Symphonietta by Rimsky-Korsakov, Chamber Symphony and Piano Concerto by Shostokovich, Russian Folk Songs by Ljadov, and brilliant miniatures by Borodin, Glinka, Rachmaninoff and Glazunov. The ability of these musicians to perform equally well as soloists, or in small ensembles, or in a full 12-piece string orchestra, and also to work with other vocal and instrumental soloists and choirs, enables them to provide their audiences with an exceptional variety of programs.

Beginning in February, 1999, with the premier of Mr. Vereshagin' s Prince Igor Suite, the Russian Chamber Orchestra featured some entirely new Vereshagin arrangements of works by Shostakovich, Rimsky-Korsakov and others, as well as pieces little known in the West. Much of the orchestra's future performances will therefore consist of music never or rarely heard before, along with familiar favorites.